ghc-8.4.4: The GHC API

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rnImports :: [LImportDecl GhcPs] -> RnM ([LImportDecl GhcRn], GlobalRdrEnv, ImportAvails, AnyHpcUsage) Source #

Process Import Decls. See rnImportDecl for a description of what the return types represent. Note: Do the non SOURCE ones first, so that we get a helpful warning for SOURCE ones that are unnecessary

gresFromAvails :: Maybe ImportSpec -> [AvailInfo] -> [GlobalRdrElt] Source #

make a GlobalRdrEnv where all the elements point to the same Provenance (useful for "hiding" imports, or imports with no details).

calculateAvails :: DynFlags -> ModIface -> IsSafeImport -> IsBootInterface -> ImportedBy -> ImportAvails Source #

Calculate the ImportAvails induced by an import of a particular interface, but without imp_mods.

findChildren :: NameEnv [a] -> Name -> [a] Source #

dodgyMsg :: (Outputable a, Outputable b) => SDoc -> a -> b -> SDoc Source #

dodgyMsgInsert :: forall p. IdP p -> IE p Source #